The CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) system constitutes an essential ingredient to the Crea.HOUSE recipe. It works in harmony with the ensemble of materials in the house, offering a perfect balance between quality, resistance, and versatility.
This building system is based on the construction of a structure of cross laminated timber load-bearing walls. These walls are made of different monolayer cross laminated panels resulting in large-scale solid wood elements with unbeatable rigidity and great static resistance.
Cross laminated timber is a real technical progress and architects are using it increasingly in structural applications, especially for large-scale constructions. Its resistance, durability, handling, its physical and mechanical properties, as well as its decorative possibilities, make it an ideal product for the implementation of architectural projects of any kind.
The advantages of cross laminated timber load-bearing walls relative to conventional materials are many:
Thanks to its cellular structure, timber is approximately 6 times more efficient than brick, 15 times more efficient than concrete or stone, and 400 times more efficient than steel.
In the event of fire the timber gets coated in a charred surface that protects its internal structure, so that the load-bearing elements may remain intact.
With treated and special quality structural timber a long service life is achieved, which ends up being equal or larger to that of commonly used materials such as concrete.
Timber has a load capacity 14 times larger than steel and a compressive strength equal to that of concrete.
The raw material comes from ecological and socially responsible forestry, requires very little energy to be produced, and reduces energy use in the home.
Timber is a material that breathes, acts as a humidity regulator, keeps condensation at minimal levels and absorbs noxious substances in the air.
Timber allows the house to naturally regulate both humidity and heat conservation, so heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced significantly.
The CLT system allows for an infinity of possibilities in terms of design and is compatible with steel, glass, and other construction materials.
Ultimately, a modern, ecological, and efficient building system that is highly adaptable to each project and its needs.
Compare the benefits of a Crea.HOUSE build relative to other building systems: