The innovative BIM (Building Information Modelling) work methodology is a new environment to conceive, develop, build, and manage buildings throughout their lifecycle.
Thanks to this innovative technology you can participate in designing your house from start to finish, define your needs in detail and track the construction in real time.
BIM allows us to create a virtual 3D model and make exact visualisations of the house that will be built. The level of realism and precision is such that, once the design process is finalised, we can obtain all the necessary information before beginning to build it.
This will make it possible to apply maximum creativity to the design, an unbeatable level of detail, and maximum reliability. We will eliminate errors and unforeseen issues, we will keep a comprehensive construction time and cost control, and we will achieve higher coordination among all the agents involved. There is always the possibility of sharing the build progress with you in 3D adjusting it to the implementation of the build in real time.